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On site seated massage: For your corporate wellness program

The many health benefits of a professional massage have been well
documented. Even a 15 minute massage has been proven to reduce
stress, alleviate muscle stiffness and fatigue, increase energy and
heighten feelings of well being that last for hours. All of which leads
to increased productivity and job effectiveness.

Here are some of the advantages of using massage as part of
your wellness program:

  1. Most wellness modalities appeal to only a limited percentage of employees.
    Whereas almost everyone can benefit from a massage.

  2. During a seated massage people feel comfortable because they remain fully clothed,
    no oils or lotions are used and it is done in the convenience of their workplace.

  3. Massage tends to be self-reinforcing. Many relaxation programs are difficult to initiate and maintain because they require effort on the part of the employee to continue and to practice what has
    been learned. Massage requires no effort to be beneficial.

  4. It is cost effective. Only $20 or less per person, per session. (See “pricing” page for complete details) And it may be a 100% tax deductible health benefit if gifted to all employees.

  5. Massage supports all other wellness activities.

  6. The results of massage are immediate.

  7. Massage helps fulfill the minimal daily tactile requirements that research says is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

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